The Flying Rock


When tragedy strikes with a force of a rock, a young boy learns an age-old lesson about consequences.

This quality picture book is a timely read-aloud for parents and grandparents as well as for precocious early readers.

Bad behavior doesn’t always have to have bad results.  That’s the larger message behind the thought provoking children’s book The Flying Rock. Beautifully written by civil and criminal attorney Robert Rush and evocatively illustrated by Ruth Whiting, it tells the story of a young boy, Billy, and how he learns about taking responsibility for his actions.

With 36 full color illustrations and high quality durable cover, Whiting’s unusual “fingerprint” styling and the story-within-a-story format hark back to well-loved tales of folklore and provide depth beyond the read-aloud stage for a fresh take on life lessons.  

“Actions have consequences—but not always the ones people expect—in this debut picture book.” – Kirkus

“Ruth Whiting’s beautiful art elevates the story…The Flying Rock is an intriguing and layered picture book containing a potent reminder that nothing occurs in isolation.” – Foreword Reviews